Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Erin came and hung out with me today. It was really nice! :) We headed up to Liberty so she could get her tattoo done, and on the way there I decided to stop at Becky's (awesome grrl I work with) house to give her a bike of mine that's in perfect condition, minus the bent-to-hell frame. I couldn't find it, so I turned around to go on to Liberty... and drove over a curb. I didn't think anything of it until I heard a loud thunking noise... and realized I had a flat tire. Needless to say, I was having a pretty lousy day (nothing new lately... ugh) and it was just the thing to top it off. Fortunately for me, two guys helped us out because I didn't have a jack in my trunk (NOTE TO SELF: get car jack...). They were really friendly and showed me how to change it. One of them walked with me through a rough part of the neighborhoods on Moreland to the tire place, and then demanded they only charge me $37 for a new one, instead of $45. He also held my hand as we walked down a super steep and rocky path through some trees... I didn't need help, but it's the thought that really counts. It's things like this that make me think sometimes humans aren't so bad.

After we took care of all of that, Erin and I went to Sevananda to get some food... only to see four people I used to be fairly great friends with (prior to moving down here) walking out the front door. I immediately checked my phone, assuming they would have called to see if I was working, and/or wanted to hang out, since I live seven minutes away. Of course, I had no missed calls... which only makes it even more obvious how little my old friends care to keep in touch. To be completely honest, it broke my heart a little bit.
If they had to have gone out of their ways in any bit, I would have understood them not bothering. But a phone call or even a text message asking if I was working so they could possibly say hi to me and talk for five minutes? Is that really so much to expect from people who claim to be my friend?
I'm still not sure how to take it. They made it pretty obvious that they had no time to stick around and talk to me-the extent of us speaking was me yelling out my car window because they wouldn't come any closer than ten feet...


  1. man, I really wanna see you, but I'm way too scared to try to drive to atlanta :[

  2. Dani banni fee fi fo fanny, I am not a good driver. I could leave a trail of victims on the way to your house.
    But hook me up with the address (message on dat myspace?) and I'll mapquest it and see what I can do!

  3. things are better for me here in alot of aspects, but the hardest things are my friends. theyre all in georgia. its been really hard for bo and i adjusting. my jobs are great, money is great, and not going to college is great, but when you have no friends here to even go on a bike ride with or just talk and hang out it gets redundant. my gardens keep me sane, but i can only talk to my cat and plants for so long. i miss everyone so so much.. i wish all of georgia would move here... . and you never know. we might move back to atlanta sooner rather than later... ;)

  4. "It's things like this that make me think sometimes humans aren't so bad."

    pft, he was just flirting with ya ;P