Sunday, July 19, 2009

catching up...

A timeline for the past five or so days...

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club played a show in our basement Wednesday. I was pretty nervous at first, because not many people were there at first, but it turned out to be a great show as the night went on. Whit from The Wild played. I'd never heard his solo stuff before, and it brought me to tears. He played songs about "illegal" immigrants and things in life that remind you that you're free. It really got to me. Dakota played next. Maybe I'm biased because he's my roommate, but I always get so stoked (:the band... none of you will get that joke) when he plays. He's going on tour soon and I really hope he enjoys the fuck out of himself. Half Endless Mike is another band, so they played, and then Endless Mike and the Beagle Club did their set. Both of them were really catchy and pop-punky, and awesome to dance to. Somehow, about half of the crowd wound up with a maraca or tambourine in their hands. The whole show had a very intimate vibe. It was awesome.
Endless Mike got really, really, really drunk in our backyard, and then smoked a bunch of pot. They thought for about an hour that it'd be a good idea to make me play designated driver and take them to a swimming pool--thank god they realized how terrible of an idea that would have been. I don't think I could have driven that massive tour bus down skinny Decatur streets to save my life.
I woke up on Thursday and hung out with the band. We went swimming and got tofu burritos and watched SO much Arrested Development. I got along with all seven of them really well. The company was much enjoyed.
Friday morning Johnny, Dakota, Jessica and I all left for Berea Fest. Jessica dropped us off and then left to visit a friend in Acron. We missed the first couple of bands (including No Target Audience :[ ) and I didn't know most of the others until Lemuria. They played an AWESOME set. The crowd was so much fun. Ronny (from Mrs. Triceratops, they played at our house) found us a place to stay and so the three of us (and about five other friends that we met up with) headed over to what turned out to be this cute house with a bunch of disgusting hot-sauce-rally-gay-porn-watching(or rather... mocking)-chainsmoking punk (kind of) kids. I don't know how to describe it. It sucked. So instead of staying in the smoke cloud of a basement, we pitched two tents on their front lawn. It wound up raining really hard, and everything we all owned was soaking wet. Damp and tired, we went to the second day of Berea Fest. I saw Pink Houses, Seizure Fist, the Max Levine Ensemble, Ghost Mice, Amelia, The Sidekicks, Goodluck, and Delay, along with a couple others that I didn't really get into. Ghost Mice was awesome to see live. They played acoustic (of course) and they played songs that I knew well... which of course, made it better. We stayed at Jessica's friend's house last night. A pull-out couch has never felt so wonderful.
We're safe and home now. I really loved Ohio. I wish we had all taken more time off and could have hung out a day or two...
Also, I have a hard time ending blogs and other things that I write, so I'm not going to try to wrap it up. Bleh.

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