Sunday, May 31, 2009

I never thought I'd actually make a blog... but since I'm about 45 minutes away from everyone I'm used to seeing on a daily basis, I thought I'd do this thing to keep everyone updated with me and my move to Atlanta...

It's been really hectic. I started working at Sevananda on the 27th, and after I got off work that day, Johnny and I moved enough stuff in to get by for the night... along with the four kittehz and two additions to the family, Zizek and Orwell. They're the sweetest and most troublesome pups ever. The cats were terrified at first of two bigger animals trying to lick them to death, and were super stressed out about being in a new environment. In fact, Lola wedged herself under the dishwasher, and Johnny and I thought she was lost... which was such a crappy feeling. But I saw Rollins crawling under it and meowing, and we figured out she was there, too. It took us nearly an hour to drag her out since she couldn't get out herself. Then when we finally went to sleep, the dogs starting barking really loud and wouldn't stop, so we moved to the living room and woke up with them passed out on top of us. They've chewed up some stuff on the house, but it's nothing too hard to fix. We also had to get an electric fence (which Johnny's mom so graciously purchased for us) because they wouldn't stay in the wooden fence. Now they get to run around all over the front and backyard, and are doing better in the house. Last night was Wonderroot's one year anniversary, and that was really fun. Saw some really awesome people and listened to goooood music.

Working at Sevananda is seriously the coolest thing. Not only do I get employee discounts on all of my groceries, but since I work in the kitchen (washing dishes for eight hours) I get to try yummy vegan food everyone makes. The people I work with are really awesome and fun and loud. We listen to brutal metal and Mirah and fast Spanish music really loud. I'm still getting to know everyone, and I'm really shy and intimidated. I wish I could tell them all that it's just my social anxiety and that I don't really hate them, haha.
Johnny and Cam and I went on a bike ride today and I nearly died. John popped his inner tube though. Bummer. I met Cam's grandparents and they gave us a huge box fan after mentioning that it's hotter inside our house than outside. We got a tiny ring and he's gunna pierce my septum tonight, right after we sneak into the East Lake golf course and go swimming in the lake, hahaha.

Living here rules so hard. I've never felt more welcome in a community like I do here. I get welcomed and good morning'ed and hello'ed all the time. It's sweet. I can't think of a single thing to complain about, except for the lack of support from my family. I know some of you will read this, so please pay attention to this line: I am doing this for myself because it's what I want. I am doing a damn good job at it so far. Please be proud of me. You may disagree with my decisions, but I think I deserve a little credit for making it so far already.

I'll post more once I've got something interesting to mention. If you want to see the house or hang out, call me!