Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lawrenceville < Atlanta

For realll.

The house show last Friday night was really great. Dakota played, and not only does he do sweet covers, but he's extremely talented and has a wonderful voice. Lucky... Madeline Ava, Max Weiss, and Mrs. Triceratops (a combination of Madeline, Ronnie, and Matt) were all really awesome, too. They're the kind of people I'd like to be surrounded by... passionate, motivated kids who have a good time just hanging out. I didn't feel like we had to try and entertain them the whole time they were over. They were happy to just eat and drink coffee and mess around on their various intruments on our living room floor. Madeline covered "Hitched Up Kids" by Rosa and it felt nice to sing along with my friends. I really appreciate everyone who actually came over. however, I was (am) also really disappointed to realize how many of my (")friends(") actually care enough to take the time to drive here and hang out. I know a bunch of them had legitimate reasons they couldn't make it, but I also know the ones who didn't... and just didn't feel like coming over. Moving to Atlanta has allowed me to sort through who really does care about me... and who really doesn't. Thanks, you guys.

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  1. If I ever hear you say something like this again about any of your friends without confronting them in a virtuous, respectable, FACE-TO-FACE, fashion then I am going to do my best to never speak to you again.

    I feel personally attacked in this pretentious, misguided (and completely passive-aggressive) babble.

    I care about you so much more than you know (obviously), I hope your new friends do too (I'm sure they do, seriously) - I am happy that you have adapted to your new setting easily. I will not speak for anyone else (I'm not in the habit of doing such garbage), but I think the only thing that has changed is that distance has been added to our relationship. That's all. Don't read anymore into it. We (rather, I) don't care for you any less now than I ever have.

    I was selling my life hours to a fucking ass hole entrepeneaur because, under extreme anguish, I chose to do so in order to barely scrape the fuck by. Brandon, as a good friend, decided to provide me with a ride to and from work. Although we technically chose not to come to the show, it was certainly not a slight against you - we love you (rather, I love you - once again, I'm not in the habit of speaking for others).

    I expect no less than an apology or an explanation and I do not wish to speak with you until I have recieved one.

    Your friend [or have I been demoted to (")friend(")?],
    Matt Casciano.

    Making a sacrifice out of a percieved "duty" should hardly be considered virtuous (ESPECIALLY in regards to friendship, the most sacred of all social engagements). We have one life. I do not understand, for the life of me, why you would want a friend to come to one of your events if (s)he did not want to be there - that just creates stress.