Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friendships can be such a bummer dude...

On a brighter note, today Cam and I went to Return to Eden and dumpstered a tonnnn of green veggies and some fruit and soy/almond milk. Then we headed over to the Food Not Bombs house to hang out and cook and stuff, but on the way there my car ran out of gas... which makes no sense, because I was just barely in the little... red zone thing. Anyway, about twelve different people helped us throughout the whole thing, and it was definitely an experience to have to push my car up a hill. -sigh- By the time my gas tank had two gallons in it, we were hot and sweaty and stinky (<3) and I've got a noticeable sunburn on my shoulders and back. All in all though, I'm just glad someone was with me, or else I would have just started crying, considering the already crappy morning I had just had.

We finally got to FNB and had a great time. It's so awesome to be surrounded by loving and warm people. Me, Cam, Katie and Andy hung out for a bit and had a bunch of fun. I also got a new bicycle today for $24. It's a rad pink fixed gear that's suuuper lightweight. It needs a tiiiiny bit of work, but it's nothing I can't handle. I'm so excited, I might go work on it after this. My septum piercing is healing up nicely, by the way! :)

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  1. oh everyone and their pierced septums -__-.. i remember puking from laughing at this kid who had one but called me a conformist. good times, good times..

    but yeah, that bike sounds pretty awesome.